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The gail Sickle Initiative is a registered, non-governmental Organization that was established so that Nigerian Sickle cell patients all over the world can come together and their coming together can culminate into a rescue of other warriors back home in Nigeria. Most Nigerian Sickle cell patients are victims of abject poverty and awful crisis that span from terrible aches in the bones and joints to sores that never heal & sometimes leads to death. Despite several reasearches and advancement in technology that has paved way to a better life for Sickle cell patients, most Sickle cell patients in Nigeria still live in pain.

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Gail Sickle Initiative is a registered non-governmental organization that was established to make life better for people living with sickle cell disease in all ramifications possible.



college road, Ogba, Lagos, Nigeria.


Today, we supported more than 5,000 warriors in Nigeria. We still need your support to reach and cater for more warriors in Nigeria

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