Sickle Strong

The above project focuses on all health matters which varies from staying healthy, to crises and its challenges, stem cell, bone marrow transplant, other surgeries and the honest aftermaths, herbal remedies (if any) amongst others. GSI intends to liaise with medical doctors abroad, especially haematologist and find a way to bring them into Nigeria for a specific time so that they can administer the required health care to as many warriors as possible.


The SicklePreneur channel seeks to reduce the stigmatization Winning Warriors experience through empowerment. Most employers in this part of the world avoid employing people living with sickle cell disorder. Unfortunately, a large percentage of adults with sickle cell in Nigeria don’t complete tertiary education because of frequent visits to the hospitals. Others are unemployed but the few that are employed have to battle the inconsistency of their health condition. As such, GSI helps them to acquire skills of their choice, purchases the relevant tools and encourages them to start their own business. This helps them to work at their own pace.

Sickle Swag

The sickle swag project showcases Winning warriors at our annual fundraising concert & poetry presentation. They sing songs and recite poems about their experiences with sickle cell disease. This gives their audiences a better understanding about them and erase any bias. The aim is to bring as many Winning warriors as possible to the limelight